What’s in the backpack of a ??US Marine on cold weather training?

What’s in the backpack of a ??US Marine on cold weather training?

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Mittens, goggles, my survival knife, extreme
cold weather top, survival ration, midday rations, our overwhite camouflage, base layers,
we have our mid layers, the bottoms. Next I have a pair of over boots, I have my
extreme cold weather booties, snow shoes. We have our standard issue helmets, standard
issue tarp, individual first aid kit, our sleeping bags, my wool socks, two Nalgene
bottles, as well as one canteen cup, my isolation mat to keep us off the ground, and that is
everything in my main pack.

13 thoughts on “What’s in the backpack of a ??US Marine on cold weather training?

  • Urzica Adrian Post author

    36 k is not so much

  • JUSTACHIPN Post author

    So… you carry one set of extra clothes and a snack lol

  • Loopdelooper Louis Post author

    But what is the standard rifle of a US Marine? Is it still a M16a4? Or has it become a M4a1 carabine? Or has the HK M27 already replaced everything? I am kinda confused about this.

  • AlmightyJesus Post author

    Wool socks are awesome

  • Hattala S Post author

    Thats why theyre the best marine ! ✌

  • Tony Blakeney Post author

    Why is G+ scrubbing this?

  • Official Boomtish214 Post author

    That's a huge AF pack!

  • MilitaryPack Junkie Post author

    he's using ALICE pack frame and shoulder straps.

  • Nigel Hedley Post author

    … nothing macho about carrying a big pack … all it does is knacker your knees and ankles …

  • James Post author

    I'm in Canada, got the same MSR Snowshoes with the extended tails as you. Guess I made a good choice if the USA military issues them. I'm not a snowshoer, got them for emergencies along with a hunting/icefishing sled and snowmobile suit. -40C and I'm warm as toast, I'd beef up on those mitts you got. Then again winter is warmer than it used to be, very few cold days so I wear spring clothing in February. Keep safe.

  • Rich Republican Post author

    I did not see 80 lbs for 36 KG of stuff.

  • Faris Maric Post author

    My friends if bosnia was in NATO our wollen socks would be the best

  • Kári Harðarson Post author

    Constant wind, rain and +4c is the biggest challenge. Everything gets soaked, insulation stops working, nothing ever dries. Calm weather and freezing conditions are easier.

    One thing I would like to know is: How do you power up your equipment, camera, phone, gps ?

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