Yamaha YAS-109 and YAS-209 soundbars | Crutchfield

Yamaha YAS-109 and YAS-209 soundbars | Crutchfield

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Hi everybody, Dave D. here, part of the
Crutchfield Demo Team, and today I’m going to talk to you about sound bars,
specifically the yamaha YAS-109 and the YAS-209. Both have been doing really
well for us, fairly new in our inventory, and we’re really excited about them.
Yamaha was here not too long ago showing these sound bars off, and a lot of people
were very impressed. As an advisor for many years talking to customers about
sound bars, one of their major concerns was dialogue. Yamaha has conquered that
actually, with their Clear Voice feature. It really lifts up the dialogue from any
kind of programming that you’re watching, be it movies, even music, or just normal
TV viewing. So the other common features we’re going to talk about with these
guys is power, and they’re both got solid power to deliver great sound no matter
what you’re watching, whether it’s Netflix, whether it’s The Weather Channel,
or anything like that. Most of our customers are buying new TVs, and
basically for what they look like, not so much for what they sound, and if you’re
not thinking about a sound bar with your new TV, you should be. Now the Yamaha
YAS series includes common features between the two models here. One of them
is great sound using DTS Virtual:X, which kind of gives you the feel of
Dolby Atmos or DTS X and surround sound speakers without actually having the
surround sound speakers present. It’s great. They also have Clear Voice for
uplifted dialogue, which is important to a lot of people no matter what
programming you’re watching. Both of these Yamaha YAS series sound bars
actually include Amazon Alexa built-in so you don’t need another device to make
that happen. So what you can do, basically, is give voice controls to set timers,
change the channels on your music, or set the volume, and do other Smart Home
activated services onboard as well. It’s pretty cool. Both models include
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and that’s important of course to use with Amazon Alexa so
you can actually get the feed from the internet. However, it also enables you to
quickly play some music from your phone or even some YouTube videos if you link
in that way. The YAS sound bars are a nice quick add-on to your TV because
they’ll not only give you some Dolby Digital and DTS decoding to go along
with your movies, but they also help out with normal everyday TV viewing. The
Yamaha YAS-109 is actually a small, elegant, simple add-on to your television. There’s
no other boxes to add on, you can place it on the table below the TV or you can
actually mount it to the wall, the sound is just as effective. If you’re looking
for a little bit more, I would suggest the YAS-209, which
includes this separate subwoofer. Both sound bars actually include an HDMI
input as well as an optical digital input, so you can connect devices like a
video game console or even a cable box to get a little bit more connectivity
out of your system. And if you’re looking at the YAS-109, this one actually
includes a mono subwoofer output as well, so if you like the sound bar, you like
the way it’s placed under your television, you can actually add a
powered subwoofer right to it using a wired connection. As far as controlling
these two sound bars, you can actually download Yamaha’s sound bar controller app,
which is very handy. It lets you refine the settings just the way you like it,
but both sound bars also come with their own remote, so you got a lot of control
that way, too. So if you’re interested in the sound bar and you need a little bit
more assistance, feel free to reach out to our advisors that are available by
email, chat, or phone, and they’d be glad to help out. Thanks.

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