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Did you get it? oh my god that’s crazy oh my god. oh my god. Insane. You’re the man! You’re the man! Hey guys, TORY here from Overlook Horizon. If you’re new to the channel we fly high altitude weather balloon flights to the
edge of space and back and along the way we talk about space science and
technology so if that’s something you’re interested in consider subscribing. For the
past couple of days you may have seen our social media posts about our
top-secret payload for our weather balloon flight OLHZN-20. Well
now I can finally tell you what it was all about. A few weeks ago I got an email
from Dustin. You may know him from his super popular YouTube channel, JustDustin and he reached out to me and he said that he wanted to fly something to
the edge of space and that something was his YouTube silver play button. Now if
you’re not familiar with what a YouTube silver play button is it’s kind of like
an award from YouTube once you pass 100,000 subscribers
and Dustin went from zero to a hundred thousand subscribers on his channel in
just six days which is insane especially because I’m nowhere near that point. But hey, maybe someday. I’m looking at you future Tory. We’re gonna get there right? or
maybe we’re there? I don’t know? Now as if that’s not crazy enough the original
idea was actually to fly his gold play button which is the award that YouTube
gives you when you reach 1 million subscribers. It turns out that the gold play
button is quite a bit heavier and was gonna be a huge challenge to try to fly
that so we settled on the silver play button. Now in order to fly the silver play
button we had to engineer a solution so that we could actually fly this, make
sure it was safely recovered and get some good footage of it once we put it all together it looked
something like this. So Jeff and I actually spent the last couple of days putting together this solution which involved cutting out a custom piece of
plexiglass. We had to drill some holes in the plexiglass so that we could screw through
it and directly into the back of the play button and we made some custom
length screws to make sure that the connection was as secure as possible. I think that was my favorite part, just watching the sparks fly. And on-board we had two of our
smaller tracking systems that had a GPS and a radio transmitter that would send
its position back to us on the ground and we also flew only one camera but it
was a new camera for us. This was the GoPro Hero 7 Black and that was pretty
much the entire payload it was actually pretty light for us we were trying to
achieve th e highest altitude that we’ve ever gotten to which is 112,500 feet on OLHZN-9. With all that
setup then it’s time to fly We’re at the launch site for OLHZN-20 with my man Dustin! I feel good about this real good about this. In case you guys didn’t know I he knows what he’s doing and got all the patches
and well I don’t. So we’re launching this the edge of space today going about 112,000 feet. Are you nervous about this? a little bit yeah I mean I don’t have a
lot of these. Like, what’s the chances of recovery? Pretty good….? Pretty good?! Pretty good. Reassure me come on! Higher than 80
percent? I think we’re in good shape Okay. We’ll get this back. I’d gamble with that. Do you want to back out yet? 20% of me wants to back out. What’s the
chances of it landing in like a tree high up somewhere? That is very high very. Very high? I have not landed in a tree yet this year so we’re almost certainly gonna
land in a tree today. Okay. You know what? Travis is pretty good at tree climbing. True. Yeah. You’re in for it. He’ll do it, not me. We’re gonna launch this here in just a couple of minutes and see
if we see it again…? It’ll be fine. It’ll be fine. You’re good. 80% good….. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LAUNCH. so liftoff was great and the camera
footage came back and it was almost perfect. Except for this. You see, that is the safety string that was supposed to be attached to the harness. There are so
many steps to go into launching a weather balloon and this one got
overlooked. That safety line is meant as a backup in case the plexiglass broke or
something became detached and the play button decided to fall away from the
payload, the safety line would catch it. Unfortunately, we forgot to actually
connect it. The good news is though that the play button stayed intact and we
didn’t really need it, but the bad news is is that this annoying safety line was
present for the entire video. Now, if you’ve been watching our flights for a while I’m sure you probably know that our recoveries are super unpredictable.
We’ve landed in swamps, in the middle of a forest. We’ve landed in powerlines.
We’ve landed in a cornfield. So really this thing could land anywhere. I think
Dustin was excited at the possibility of climbing a tree to go recover this but
we didn’t have to today it just landed in some tall brush. The hardest thing we had to do for recovery is to push through some thick trees and some spiky thorns
and just for the occasion I did make him suit up in an official Overlook Horizon
flight suit. OHH!!! There’s the parachute and you follow the rope and Oh yeah right
here. It’s all tangled up. Hello! let’s get this out. just set that
right on top and carry it out. That was actually, way easier than I thought. yeah, that wasn’t bad It seemed a lot easier coming out aside from that pesky safety line being in the middle of the video footage, the footage
is actually phenomenal and I love the outcome of it. The camera did fail during
descent but only about 15 minutes prior to landing. I think the camera got a
little bit too cold and actually had a little bit of frost on it when we open
the box up, but that’s all right we did get the majority of the footage and we did
get this gorgeous view from 111,015 FT. in altitude just short of our
personal record so we didn’t break a record today but I think Dustin was
pretty relieved to get his play button back. Alright so that’s it, we spent the
day finding it you got it back. Do you feel better? I got it. It’s very cold. It is VERY cold but
honestly not even scratches I’m surprised. I’m just happy we got a back for you. I am also happy we got it back this is this is good, this is, I mean, I
might have a lot of mosquito bites on me but it’s alright. He’s got a whole video about this whole experience over on his YouTube channel I’ll put a link down in
the description below make sure you check it out and how do you do this
video ending? You want to do it? Yeah! I’ve been practicing for weeks! So usually at the end of my videos always say I like to leave it on a high note but this time
I’ma let Tory leave it on a high note SOUUU WEEEE! Alright! Send me that.

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